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Selling or Purchasing A Pre-Owned Dusky (1)

What is the current value of my Dusky?

Given that all Dusky boats are custom tailored to the original owners specifications each boat will vary.  Please visit N.A.D.A to determine the current market value of your boat.

Boat Maintenance (2)

Where can I find info on trailer maintenance?

We recommend contact the manufacturer of your trailer for specifics for your make and model trailer.  For general info, please see our blog post: Boat Trailer Maintenance Tips and Suggestions

How should I configure my trailer bunks?

On the Dusky 227 and 278 the inside measurement from bunk to bunk is 31" in the rear and 33" in the front.

On the Dusky 252 the inside measurement from bunk to bunk is 32" in the rear and 34" in the front.

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