20 year Dream

Wednesday morning we had a family who had never fished beyond a farm pond. In 4 hours they caught a 60 pound sailfish, 2 groupers and 2 cutlass fish.

In the afternoon we had a man who had tried to catch a sailfish for 20 years. After almost 5 hours of fishing we had 3 nice kingfish. The sun had set and his 8 year old son had bet my partner that dad was out of luck again. As the last bait came over the rail to head in for tarpon, my partner saw a sailfish eatting one of our released baits. He cast a bait in that direction and told the dad to watch the rod. The fish struck and 45 minutes latter we had billed, tagged photographed and released a 90 in sailfish. On the way home the 8 year old caught 75 and 35 pound tarpon, 6 ladyfish and 5bluefish


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