A Good Day

Today we caught 12 spanish mackerel and 2 bonito on light tackle. Both bonito were at the same time on one rod. One ate a spoon and the other was 50 feet up the line wrapped around the tail. Offshore we caught a 35 lb kingfish, a tuna, a shark and a mahi on the…


Saving The Day

It shocked me to see I failed to post for a week. Shame on me. Well, that is past history. Last Thursday we fished a father and two sons. Dad brought his fly rods so I planned on trying for action over quality. What a success. We hit solid mackerel. We anchored over a school…


Fishing still slow

Today we caught a big red grouper, a tilefish, a snow grouper, an almaco jack and a stingray. Tonight we caught a 60 lb tarpon, 3 bluefish, a mackerel and a ladyfish. To book a charter with Capt. Bouncer of Bouncer’s Dusky 33, please visit http://www.captbouncer.com/


Inshore Action

Today was family day. We had my nephew, Keith Baskette, his wife, Alex, 5 year old James and 3 year old Louise fished with us in the bay. We caught 10 mackerel, a couple bluefish, a couple trout and the little ones caught a bazillion pinfish. The top catch of the day was by 5…


Some Times we Target Eatting Fish

On of our great fishing teams from Atlanta, lead by Tom Kirpatrick and supported by Bill from Tampa want some freezer stock to go with yesterdays sailfish. We caught a pile of filets. We had 4 tilefish, 7 almaco jacks, a couple small shark releases and 30 pound wahoo. To book a charter with Capt.…


The best and worst of fishing

The last few days of fishing have been really tough. We have had great bait, good current and strong east winds. These generally add up to great fishing. Our clients spend a lot of money and energy to put together a day of fishing. We put our hearts and souls into making sure our clients…


3 trips 3 challenges

This morning it was kite fishing offshore. We only had a half day available, and while we never had a surface bite boats 10 miles down the coast caught numerous sailfish. We did catch 2 nice red grouper, but the season is closed, and 4 amberjacks. We would have been in those sailfish on an…


First Tarpon 2013

We did our first tarpon trip of the year last night. We had two father and don teams. Everybody caught a tarpon from 60 to 110 lbs. we even added one more tarpon about 35 lbs, several ladyfish, a couple jacks and a snapper. To book a charter with Capt. Bouncer of Bouncer’s Dusky 33,…


First Sailfish 2013

8 year old Eiden caught our first sailfish of the year. It ate a live pilchard on a flatline. Yesterday we caught a king and cuda in 120 feet of water. Then we caught a 18 lb mahi and 12 lb tuna in 275 feet of water. Last catch was a bonito. At least we…