Rough Seas, but Good Fishing

It was rough today. But through it all Mike and his 3 adult kids, Mike, Steve and Kim had good fishing. They caught 2 red snapper in Florida waters, more than a dozen bonitos, a kingfish, a barracuda, a cobia and a sailfish.   To book a charter with Capt. Bouncer of Bouncer’s Dusky 33,…


Cold Day, Hot Night

Patrik, a Penn Reel developer, and his family from Sweden joined us for the day yesterday. The fishing was slow, we jumped a sailfish and caught an amberjack, a mahi, a couple kingfish, a few barracudas and a few bonito. Then yesterday evening we took Orion and his family out for his birthday. They caught…


Overdue Fishing Again

We haven’t fished the edge since Friday. Tonight Tom and Cindy brought out their grand nephew, Tom, and his fishing buddy Joe. They caught 2 barracuda, jumped off a sailfish, caught a 30 lb cobia, 3 jack crevalle about 12 to 15 pounds, a snook and a 75 lb tarpon.   To book a charter…


A Hectic Week

Monday Donill and his daughter Danielle joined us for a swordfish trip. We lost one, missed one and finally Danielle caught a 55 inch swordfish. She took advantage of the Hooker Electric reel till the 150 mark, then it was lady vs fish for a 30 minute battle. Tuesday and Wednesday we fished with Jack,…


Slow Day, Fast Evening

Yesterday we fished with Larry and grandsons John and Robert. It was a little slow, but they did catch a sailfish, a skipjack tuna, 3 bonito, a barracuda, a mutton snapper and a 45 lb cobia. Then on the evening trip we fished with the Pace High fishing team. They burned it up with a…


Great Fishing

Thursday evening we caught 3 tarpon on live crabs. Yesterday we live baited along the edge. We scored with a sailfish, tuna, kingfish, shark, 2 grouper, 3 bonito and 10 snapper. Then last night we caught a 14 lb snook and then got run off by wind, rain and lightning.   To book a charter…


3 Great Trips

Tuesday we fished with Alex, Curtis and Louise. Thanks to our quick drop off to deep water we caught 3 red snapper in state waters, where we could keep them. We also caught a big kingfish and a bonito. Tuesday night we fished with Victoria from Children Battling Cancer. She beat cancer and on our…


Hot Tarpon Bite

Tonight we had great action. Tom, Bob and Andrew each caught tarpon. Eight more tarpon stole the bait. That is not a common problem for us.   To book a charter with Capt. Bouncer of Bouncer’s Dusky 33, please visit http://www.captbouncer.com/


Late Day Crazy

Don, turning 77 Friday and his Bride Sandy, a.k.a.the Blakes had a super day today. They caught a sailfish, a 5 foot shark, a cero, a kingfish, a 15 lb mahi, a snook, a barracuda and 2 tuna on 20 lb tackle. They also caught a sailfish, 3) 15 pound tuna and a 24 lb…