Swordfish Action

We fished Saturday with Martin and Pasi from Sweden. They caught and harvested a 120 lb swordfish and released a 200 swordfish. They will use this expierence for magazine articles at home. Today we fished with Nate and Vito and Vito caught a 300 lb swordfish. We used the Hooker Electric reel to work the…


Good Snook

Tonight we fished with 4 business men. After a slow first hour we caught a barracuda, a jack, a snapper and 8 snook up to 38 inches. It was good fun.   To book a charter with Capt. Bouncer of Bouncer’s Dusky 33, please visit http://www.captbouncer.com/


Great finish to the Day

This morning started slow. Around 10 action picked up a little with a 86 inch sailfish and then a 30 pound amberjack. Then it was very slow with a small shark our only catch till after 3:20. Then we hooked a double header. We had a good fish on a flat line and another on…