Good Morning Trolling

We started with a black grouper on a X-rap 30 trolling in 20 feet. Then it was about a dozen assorted small tuna on plugs, feathers and ballyhoo. A bamboo branch made the day with 20 mahi to 10 lbs and a wahoo. One more nice mahi on the edge and fishing dropped dead for…


Fishing Assortment on the Edge

Today Mike and Brian wanted to improve their bottom fishing skills. We fished a variety of wrecks and methods. The fish were mostly small today. We caught gag and snow grouper, amberjack, mutton and vermillion snapper. Trolling small lures we caught a bunch of small bonito, Live bait chumming produced a small sailfish and small…


Another Stepping Stone

Scott Nichols is trying to catch all 9 billfish species in a year. Yesterday we helped him cross off his swordfish. Learn how we caught it at IGFA fishing tips on Utube in a few weeks.   To book a charter with Capt. Bouncer of Bouncer’s Dusky 33, please visit http://www.captbouncer.com/


Ben Got His Swordfish

Ben Eskanazi has tried for swordfish several times. He has hooked a swordfish almost every trip and lost every swordfish. On the first drop today Ben was tight to a good swordfish. Half an hour latter the fish was 30 feet straight down. Then after another 10 minutes of fighting we pulled the hook. Several…


Electric Reel or Not

Yesterday Dan set out to catch a swordfish deep dropping during the day. He is a hard working businessman and father who doesn’t have time to train for a 2 hour big game fish battle. With this in mind we set out to help him catch a swordfish. We used a Penn 80 International with…


Dr Russell Nelson

This weekend the fishing world lost a great friend. TBF scientist Dr Russell Nelson passed away. Dr Nelson was very active in Florida and United States fishery managment over the last 30 years and will be missed by all who knew him   To book a charter with Capt. Bouncer of Bouncer’s Dusky 33, please…