A Hectic Week

Monday Donill and his daughter Danielle joined us for a swordfish trip. We lost one, missed one and finally Danielle caught a 55 inch swordfish.
She took advantage of the Hooker Electric reel till the 150 mark, then it was lady vs fish for a 30 minute battle.

Tuesday and Wednesday we fished with Jack, Ashton and Taryn 10 to 13 years old. They caught sharks, mackerel, jacks, triggers and assorted snapper.

Wednesday evening Steve caught 1 of 3 tarpon and a nice red grouper on live crabs.

Thursday the Garry family caught a nice kingfish, 3 tuna, a grouper, several bonito and a sailfish.

Today a great group of guys joined us to catch a red snapper, yelloweye snapper, mutton snapper, gray grouper, a 20 lb kingfish, a 23 lb tuna, a mahi and several very big bonito.






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