Post Christmas Fishing

Most of the fish were out looking for bargains. This morning we caught a 15 lb mahi, a small tuna and 2 amberjacks. The spanish mackerel were thick st bug light. We caught several mackerel on sabiki rigs. This afternoon we caught 2 mahi, a hammerhead shark, a silky shark and s nice mutton snapper.Ryan…


Hot and Cold Fishing

Fishing the last two days has been up and down. Friday morning a banana smuggled aboard killed the fishing. We missed a sail andcaught a small mahi. We ran 6 miles from the banana in the afternoon and caught a pile of bonito, a big mutton snapper and a couple amberjacks. We had two assumed…


Some Nice Mahi

Tuesday and Wednesday we fished 3 great guys from Canada. The first day we had no luck with swordfish, but caught 5 nice mahi on the way home. Wednesday we kite fished the edge. We caught 8 mahi, 2 tuna and caught 1 sailfish after fighting 3.   To book a charter with Capt. Bouncer…


December Time but September Weather

Wednesday we fished the Springer Gang. They caught 2 grouper, 6 mahi and 2 tuna. Then today we fished with our insurance experts. They caught 3 spanish mackerel, 2 mahi, a small shark, 5 bonito and a sailfish.   To book a charter with Capt. Bouncer of Bouncer’s Dusky 33, please visit


A Fun Fishing Weekend

Saturday we had 4 great guys from England, Finland and the USA. They caught 3 small but fiesty sailfish, 8 mahi and a couple barracuda. Yesterday I was invited on a busman’s holiday. Jimbo and Rick Thomas invited me aboard their Thomas Flyer. They were taking writer Sue Cocking grouper fishing. It was a beautiful…


Bay Fishing Action

Mark Sosin brought his sons and grandsons out this morning. They caught about a dozen grouper, a bunch of mutton snappers, a bug mangrove snapper and a bunch of jacks.   To book a charter with Capt. Bouncer of Bouncer’s Dusky 33, please visit


Family Fun

Today we fished with Marlin, his brother Brandon and sister, 2 year old Arissa, their Mom and Dad. In just over an hour they caught over 30 spanish mackerel in Government Cut. We used live pilchards and clark spoons. After that we tried for trout. Fishing Reel Tease Trout Calls we caught 4 trout and…