Post Christmas Fishing

Most of the fish were out looking for bargains. This morning we caught a 15 lb mahi, a small tuna and 2 amberjacks. The spanish mackerel were thick st bug light. We caught several mackerel on sabiki rigs. This afternoon we caught 2 mahi, a hammerhead shark, a silky shark and s nice mutton snapper.Ryan…


Hot and Cold Fishing

Fishing the last two days has been up and down. Friday morning a banana smuggled aboard killed the fishing. We missed a sail andcaught a small mahi. We ran 6 miles from the banana in the afternoon and caught a pile of bonito, a big mutton snapper and a couple amberjacks. We had two assumed…


Some Nice Mahi

Tuesday and Wednesday we fished 3 great guys from Canada. The first day we had no luck with swordfish, but caught 5 nice mahi on the way home. Wednesday we kite fished the edge. We caught 8 mahi, 2 tuna and caught 1 sailfish after fighting 3.   To book a charter with Capt. Bouncer…


December Time but September Weather

Wednesday we fished the Springer Gang. They caught 2 grouper, 6 mahi and 2 tuna. Then today we fished with our insurance experts. They caught 3 spanish mackerel, 2 mahi, a small shark, 5 bonito and a sailfish.   To book a charter with Capt. Bouncer of Bouncer’s Dusky 33, please visit


A Fun Fishing Weekend

Saturday we had 4 great guys from England, Finland and the USA. They caught 3 small but fiesty sailfish, 8 mahi and a couple barracuda. Yesterday I was invited on a busman’s holiday. Jimbo and Rick Thomas invited me aboard their Thomas Flyer. They were taking writer Sue Cocking grouper fishing. It was a beautiful…


Bay Fishing Action

Mark Sosin brought his sons and grandsons out this morning. They caught about a dozen grouper, a bunch of mutton snappers, a bug mangrove snapper and a bunch of jacks.   To book a charter with Capt. Bouncer of Bouncer’s Dusky 33, please visit