From Wish List to the Catch List

Michael Falk is a great 14 year old fishing fanatic. Yesterday he and his dad set out to see if Michael could pull off a wish list in one day.

Mike wanted to catch a swordfish, a tuna, a grouper and a tarpon yesterday. That is too much to hope for in one day. But we would try.

In the first 2 hours we had a swordfish in the boat. Next Mike put a 30 pound tuna in the boat while his dad caught a mutton snapper.

Then we searched wrecks for a while looking for a grouper. By 1:30 Mike had half a big mutton snapper and a grouper in the boat.

Michael said we were doing so good that we should add a snook to the list.

So, it was back to the inlet. It took about 30 minutes for him to catch a jack crevalle and a snook.

Yes, by 4:15 Michael added a 100 lb tarpon to his catches.

Michael started the day targeting 4 very different fish. As the day went on, he even added another fish to the list. In exactly 9 hours mate Billy Springer, camera man dad, Harry and angler Michael Falk had caught a swordfish, a tuna, a grouper, a snook and a 100 pound tarpon. What a day!





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