Luck is a Great Thing

Gregor Wreckor from Germany caught a oil fish with us Friday. Then last night he caught his first tarpon, a 100 lb beauty.

Today he hit a home run with a 40 pound amberjack and a scamp grouper on verticle jigs, 2 kingfish, a gray grouper and a giant 34 pound jack crevalle on the kite.

He was not finished. We put a double hooked spanish mackerel out while wreck fishing this afternoon. 5 minutes latter it was eaten and the fight was on. 1 hour 45 minutes latter he had fought a 400+ pound big eye thresher to the boat.

That is correct. I never saw one 50 years in the business and now we caught 2 big eye threshers and a 350 lb blue marlin in 5 days. THAT IS LUCK at it’s best.





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