Super Sunday Catch

Sunday we fished with Mike and Jake for 8 hours between 1 and 9 PM. First we found a floating banana tree about 7 miles offshore. Trolling a Xrap 30 we caught 1 wahoo and lost another just out of gaff range. A mile further out we spotted a frigate bird. Under the bird we found a school of 24 to 30 inch mahi. We boated 2 and tagged and released 4. We finally got to the swordfish grounds. On our second drop in 1780 feet we caught the fattest swordfish I have ever seen. This lower jaw to fork length 62 inch beauty was about 140 pounds. We gave the swordfish one more brief try before taking off for tarpon country. Off South Beach we had 5 tarpon strikes and caught 3 up to 60 pounds. This was a super Sunday fishing trip.


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