The best and worst of fishing

The last few days of fishing have been really tough. We have had great bait, good current and strong east winds. These generally add up to great fishing.

Our clients spend a lot of money and energy to put together a day of fishing. We put our hearts and souls into making sure our clients have a great day.

Well, the last few days the fish have really let us down. Yes, we caught a few tilefish for some good dinners. And we caught a couple good sized sharks for good fish fights. We even caught a big sailfish and nice sized mahi.

But we plan on a lot more. We thank our clients for understanding that fishing is not always catching.

Now about the best of fishing. Last night we fished with 3 young boys and their father. They came to us through “fishing to make a difference” a program that gets children from Joe Dimaggio Childrens Hospital. These smiling boys caught a bunch of bluefish, trout and ribbonfish. We had a lot of laughs. Fishing is the greatest




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