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Largest Snapper Chuck O'Connell - "Wild Wahine"
Largest Grouper Chuck O'Connell - "Wild Wahine"
Largest Wahoo Greg Dornau - "Starbrite"
Top Angler Edison Jr - "My Jill"
Top Jr Angler Mac - "Mac Attack"
Largest Dolphin Sherry Reisner - "Cranky Lady"
Sailfish Release Eric - "Done Swabbin"
Smallest Bikini Martina - "Aurora & Aitors"
Coconut Monkey Ralph Brown (shark bait)
Coconut Monkey Mike Reisner - "Cranky Lady"
Top Boat "Wild Wahine"
Brass Balls Tina Moon
Chicken of the Sea Barron Labasci (no show)
Party Pooper Greg Dornau - "Starbrite"


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