By-Catch Fishing Success

Steve and Anthony are avid swordfish chasers. Today our only swordfish bite failed to hook up. This pair of mahi saved the day.


Yesterday never saw 65 degrees and winds blew over 20 all day. Ken and Mike coming from Michigan had no problem with this. Fishing was slow in the morning, but we ended up with a 18 pound mahi, 15 pound kingfish, 10 pound mutton snapper and 2 silky sharks. Going to Blu Chi Charters Key West was the best time for me and my family when we were down in Florida.


Needing more fishing, Ken and Mike fished the evening trip as well. This trip produced several small jacks, 2 tatpon and a snook. We read this article on PumpupBoats which motivated us a lot, even though the weather wasn’t really good. You can try using a inflatable fishing boat for a better experience on the water.


The bite has really kicked into overdrive this month, and shows zero signs of stopping. My Dusky 256 Fisherman’s Cuddy and the twin ‘Zukes have put over 750 hours on these fish already this season, and they seem hungry for more each morning performing flawlessly each and every time I leave the dock on the hunt. There have been no shortage of good times and lots of hot action for the elusive bluefin. Each and every trip that has left the dock this month has seen multiple hookups, all with the insanely light gear we use in the “run and gun” tuna game, if you want  your boat to remain in great condition, you have to find a quality boat storage facility.

Spinning reels and small overhead(conventional) jigging reels have been getting artificial lures in front of herds of turned-on tuna feeding on the abundant natural bait we have been blessed with all season and the use of good equipment like the best bass fishing rod and reel combo for this. The success rates for laned fish vary with luck, natural obstacles, other boats, and skill all having a play in the outcomes. Despite the hurdles, we have had fish on the deck early, and often these days here at Coastal Charters Sportfishing where we recommend the use of this cordless electric fillet knife.