Still far from home…

This by far has been the strangest and most challenging season I can ever recall. I must apologize yet again as it has been a long time since my last update. I am still working far from my front door-step, and with little to no access to reliable internet and computers let alone time, even things like haircuts and oil changes are becoming monumental tasks. Thankfully I had stocked up on everything that I needed; I even purchased a backpack from a waterfowl hunting backpack for sale at the local store. The weather has been uncharacteristically warm for these parts, and the winds have been more than cooperative as well, prolonging the challenge and the season. The bluefin never showed up in the numbers that we are accustomed to, so hunting them down and actually catching one was even more difficult than normal, and of course the light tackle approach the loftiest way to go about securing a tight line. I realized that I should have done more scrounging and discover more on the internet on how the catch could be improved. The method has been predominantly jigging, but the topwater action has had its place here and there. The whales and dolphin are more than happy to put on a show, so despite the slower than normal fishing, the scenery more than makes up for it with many clients being treated to once-in-a-lifetime type displays within feet of the bow of the Dusky. The high vantage point provided by the raised casting deck gives a great view for this, as well as for casting and fighting large pelagic fish like bluefin. The catch rate on the Dusky has been better than most, so feeling fortunate that we are producing in a difficult bite. The fish should be here well through the end of this month, and hopefully once it slows down I can get back home so my dogs remember what I look like! It’s always difficult to find high-quality Saltwater Fishing Pictures but this time you can enjoy some of the pictures taken over the last few weeks:








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