Fishing Funday

This morning we had 5 and 8 year old boys from Russia. They had a great time catching numerous small kingfish, snappers, jacks, porgies and a bunch of other species of fish. This afternoon David and Maureen wanted to learn to fish. They learned to catch live bait, where to buy live bait, how to…

Good Bottom Fishing

Today the surface action was super slow. We saved the morning with a huge red grouper, an amberjack and a big mutton snapper. This afternoon it was 10 amberjacks and a black grouper Grouper season is closed till May 1st. They must be released. A Seaqualizer will insure that released grouper survive.

A Fishy Start to 2014

Jeff , Cody and Taylor love fishing artificial lures. Today they had a great time catching a spanish mackerel, 2 kingfish, a bonito, a huge skipjack tuna, 4 mahi, several amberjacks and almaco jacks, a barracuda and 2 grouper. Yhe biggest mahi was caught on the lightest rod and a small bucktail.

Post Christmas Fishing

Most of the fish were out looking for bargains. This morning we caught a 15 lb mahi, a small tuna and 2 amberjacks. The spanish mackerel were thick st bug light. We caught several mackerel on sabiki rigs. There are a few things you need to consider before deciding pick the perfect reel. Things like…


Hot and Cold Fishing

Fishing the last two days has been up and down. Friday morning a banana smuggled aboard killed the fishing. We missed a sail andcaught a small mahi. We ran 6 miles from the banana in the afternoon and caught a pile of bonito, a big mutton snapper and a couple amberjacks. We had two assumed…