3 trips 3 challenges

This morning it was kite fishing offshore. We only had a half day available, and while we never had a surface bite boats 10 miles down the coast caught numerous sailfish. We did catch 2 nice red grouper, but the season is closed, and 4 amberjacks. We would have been in those sailfish on an all day trip.

This afternoon the girls didn’t like the waves, so we bay fished catching several bluefish and a mackerel. The 8 year old had a ball. His mom was all smiles too.

Tonight we were targeting tarpon with 8 year old Zowie from Toronto. She caught 2 tarpon, 10 jacks, a ladyfish, helped rescue a family whos boat was sinking and helped rescue a girl who jumped off a bridge.

It was a tough day, but everybody had fun and caught something.


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