Electric Reel or Not

Yesterday Dan set out to catch a swordfish deep dropping during the day. He is a hard working businessman and father who doesn’t have time to train for a 2 hour big game fish battle. With this in mind we set out to help him catch a swordfish.

We used a Penn 80 International with a removable Hooker Electric Drive. We dropped his bait down 1700 feet. After 45 minutes we had 2300 feet of line out to keep the bait near the bottom.

The swordfish struck and Dan geared up with his standup harness and we hooked him in and the battle was on. After several minutes of trying to keep up with this big fish his arns were shot.

We reattached the Hooker Electric Drive and Dan used it to catch up with his rising battler. As the fish reached 200 feet below Dan took over the fight and we removed the Hooker Electric Drive. Dan then brought the gladiator to the gaff.

Without the Penn International and Hooker Electric Drive Dan would have had to turn the rod over to another angler or the mate. With this set up this was his catch.

We have also perfected our use of the Penn International and Hooker Electric Drive as a down rigger, so our anglers can fish IGFA legal with a lot less effort maintaining their bait in the best location


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