Saving The Day

It shocked me to see I failed to post for a week. Shame on me. Well, that is past history.

Last Thursday we fished a father and two sons. Dad brought his fly rods so I planned on trying for action over quality.

What a success. We hit solid mackerel. We anchored over a school of bait and every cast with the flyrod or live bait brought a quick strike. We caught about 30 spanish mackerel, some jacks and 3 big bonito. When that spot slowed down we moved to a shallow wreck and caught a couple gray snapper and red groupers. Next spot was half a dozen hard fighting 4 to 8 pound amberjack. For the last couple hours we tried kite fishing. It was slow, but at the last minute we caught a mahi over 15 pounds.

Yesterday we were kite fushing when 6 year old Hayden complained of an upset stomach. We moved into the bay and the fun was on.

Abie hooked a bluefish on a plug and Hayden wound it in. Haydens dad hooked a fish and Hayden wound it in. Abie and Hayden’s dad Sean took turns hooking fish and Hayden alternated between winding in fish and telling grandpa Dave how many Hayden caught and the fact that grandpa caught zero.

Well it ended around 10 bluefish and 2 ladyfish for Hayden and no fish for Grandpa but we all caught big smiles and laughs



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