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After 56 years of innovation and determination, Dusky Marine is riding the crest of skipper acclaim that has grown from a tiny drop in an ocean of dreams to the driving force in the mainstream of recreational boating. It is an American family success enduring partnership in family and boat building craftsmanship, both growing stronger one day at a time.

In 1966, we married and launched Dusky Marine in a shark-eat-shark sea of corporate competition from an industrial park storage shed with no capital, one mold for a 17' fishing boat hull and an overwhelming desire to make both the marriage and the business work.

How? We listened to you. From day one, Dusky custom built the fishing boats you wanted with the features you demanded in a sea-sensible manner. Every boat is constructed with more hand laid fiberglass than any other boat in its class. Every design is engineered for the sea - handling kindly under demanding conditions. Every boat hull is individualy produced by hand to exacting specification. Every Dusky is manufactured for safety, durability and performance.

We invented the DUSKY DRIVE (now standard equipment), an outboard motor well that revolutionized engine performance and gave new meaning to "open cockpit". We developed many other marine products to improve the efficiency and utilization of boats and their accessories.

We stuck to the basics. Product excellence + competitive price = satisfied client. By golly, it worked! Our original storage shed has been replaced with a 68,000 square foot, three building complex on the water in Dania Beach. DuskySportCenter, a fully stocked marine supply and tackle superstore is on the same premises.

In 1993, our son, Michael, joined our organization. He has proven to be a great asset with his innovation and dedication. His first accomplishment was a totally new, redesigned Dusky Drive.

C'mon by. We're celebrating five decades of original ownership and leadership in recreational boating and we'd love to have you join the party. Dusky's one-to-one client/builder relationship has created a new, extended family of satisfied owners and skippers 'round the world. We hope you'll join the Dusky fleet of fine boat owners. It's a very special family.

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