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Buying Factory Direct

Countless times we've heard customers relay their "factory direct" story after they've made a purchase from our competition. They go to see their local dealer and are assured they are buying factory direct. After all, the dealer buys direct from the manufacturer, so that equates to factory direct, right?? WRONG!

Dusky Marine is a true Factory Direct manufacturer. Our boats are manufactured right here in Dania Beach and sold direct to the public...right here in Dania Beach. End of story. We have no dealers, no middle men and no commissioned sales staff. This results in HUGE savings for you. Without all those hidden charges to worry about, it's entirely possible to get into a new boat for the same price that a dealer is asking for a used boat.

Rather than accepting whatever boat the dealer happens to have in inventory (or paying delivery fees for them to order a model with the specific features you require), Dusky builds to order. This gives you the opportunity to work with us to design your dream boat exactly the way you want it. Not only will we allow you to see your boat going through the production process, we will take weekly photos of your boat and post them in our online forum. This will allow you to show off the "birth" of your boat to friends and family and follow it's progress even if you can't get to the factory.

Since you're buying direct from the manufacturer, you get to deal with us directly for any questions and/or concerns you may have. Who better to get expert boat advice from than the designer and manufacturer??

We've seen just about every feature available on the market (and offer most of them as well). Some of these will work and some of them will cause more issues than they are worth. Our experience can help guide you along the purchase process and prevent you from making a mistake that could cost you down the road.

If you truly want a FACTORY DIRECT boat buying experience, give us a call. Let the experience speak for itself.

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