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General Questions (2)

Where can I find a Dusky dealer near me?
As a factory direct manufacturer, we do not utilize a dealer network.  You can read more about what this entails here:
Does Dusky transport boats?

All of our boats are FOB the Dusky factory in Dania Beach, FL.  Shipping quotes can be obtained from the various shipping companies directly (, etc.).

Please note that at this time, Dusky will not allow boat sales to the state of California.

Boat Maintenance (5)

Where can I find info for troubleshooting my trim tabs?

90% of Dusky boats use Bennett trim tabs.  You can visit their video library for troubleshooting, installation and information videos.

Where can I find info on trailer maintenance?

We recommend contact the manufacturer of your trailer for specifics for your make and model trailer.  For general info, please see our blog post: Boat Trailer Maintenance Tips and Suggestions

How should I configure my trailer bunks?

On the Dusky 227 and 278 the inside measurement from bunk to bunk is 31" in the rear and 33" in the front.

On the Dusky 252 the inside measurement from bunk to bunk is 32" in the rear and 34" in the front.

On the Dusky 217 the inside measurement from bunk to bunk is 40" in the rear and 42" in the front.

Should I bottom paint my Dusky?
If you routinely leave your boat in the water for more than a couple of days at a time, the hull (below the waterline) must be coated with an epoxy barrier coat and anti-fouling paint to help prevent blistering and protect the hull from marine growth and barnacles.  Since anti-fouling paint slowly dissolves, it is advisable to inspect and clean the boat bottom at least quarterly.  Repaint when necessary.  

Selling or Purchasing A Pre-Owned Dusky (3)

What is the current value of my Dusky?

Given that all Dusky boats are custom tailored to the original owners specifications each boat will vary.  Please visit JD Power (formerly NADA) to determine the current market value of your boat.

Where can I obtain an owner's manual for my Dusky?

Each Dusky that leaves the factory is custom built to the original owner's specifications.  As such, each Dusky is unique.  Therefore, no owner's manuals are available.  The original owner is supplied with all of the documentation for onboard electronics at the time of delivery.  When purchasing a pre-owned Dusky, request the manuals from the seller.  If they are not available, check the manufacturers website as they are usually available to download.

What can you tell me about the pre-owned Dusky I am interested in purchasing from a private seller?

Unfortunately, not much. We can confirm that it is indeed a Dusky as well as the year and length, if we are provided with the hull number. We have no way to track each boat once it leaves the factory and as such we will be unable to provide a history or market value of pre-owned boats. We strongly suggest that you obtain a survey when purchasing a pre-owned vessel.

Please note that requests for specific information about a pre-owned boat will require us to pull the original build file. Requests for specific information regarding a particular used Dusky boat are processed in the order that they are received.  The build files are archived at the end of each model year and are no longer able to be accessed in a digital format.  This means that each request requires the Dusky administrative staff to physically sort through years of files (which are not stored in the Dusky administrative offices), in search of the specific one that will contain the requested information. Due to a partial roof collapse during a hurricane several years ago, many files have water damage and are no longer available. This applies to all boats built prior to 1989.  Other model years are on a case-by-case basis.

Due to the sheer volume of requests received each day, the current lead time on these requests is approximately 7 business days. There is a $25.00 fee that will be charged for each request and does not guarantee that we will be able to access the file.  In the event that we are not able to access the file, the fee will NOT be waived. Additionally, any changes, repairs, modifications, or equipment added on or removed from the boat once it leaves the Dusky factory will not be reflected in the original build file. The older the boat, the less likely it is that it can still be considered "factory". This means that any information we provide is most likely outdated and no longer valid. This applies to all onboard equipment (electronics, motors, etc.) as well as the overall construction (transom, stringers, etc.). We always recommend obtaining a survey from a licensed marine surveyor prior to purchasing any used vessel.

Please check both the physical hull number on the transom as well as on the paperwork the seller has. We've been receiving inquiries requesting information on the used Dusky boat the caller just purchased and they are NOT Dusky-issued hull numbers. A great tool to verify the HIN prefix is USCG Manufacturer Identification Link


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