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Boat Trailer Maintenance Tips and Suggestions

As any boat owner who regularly fishes in salt water can testify, corrosion is their worst enemy.  Below are some regular maintenance tips to help you get the most life out of your trailer.

Trailers use ball bearings, which require grease. We recommend marine grease that won’t dissolve when exposed to salt water. If you want to really protect those bearings, you can prevent water intrusion by using bearing protectors.  These typically stay sealed for up to six months, but still require new grease added regularly.

Trailers typically use galvanized parts which are prone to corrosion, especially with excess salt build up present.  The best way to combat the elements is to rinse your  trailer with fresh water after each use. For each saltwater fishing trip you go on, you’re giving your trailer a double dip in the drink.  After a long day in the sun, one of the last things anyone wants to do is spend time thoroughly washing off a trailer.  You can eliminate the hassle by installing Starbrite’s Trailer Spa. This system can be customized to specifically target any area of your trailer which is prone to corrosion build up.

And last, but not least; here is a basic checklist to cover prior to heading out to your favorite ramp.

  • Cross your trailer’s safety chains when connecting to the vehicle.
  • Ensure your trailer tongue jack is all the way up, or folded and locked.
  • Ensure all lug nuts are properly tightened.
  • Have a secure tie-down strap for the back of the boat.
  • Trailer tires carry bigger loads than cars. Regularly check for wear.
  • Test your trailer brakes, if applicable.
  • Make sure your trailer lights are working, including turn signals.
  • Make sure your trailer ball fits the trailer, seats snugly and is free of debris, and the fastener pin is secure to the truck hitch.

We hope these tips and suggestions will assist you in prolonging the life of your trailer. Should you find yourself in need of additional information or parts, please contact us at 954-922-8890.