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Cape Cod light tackle bluefin on fire!

This month has been spectacular for my anglers, with fish being hooked and landed each and every trip, sometimes more than just a few. After a somewhat slow start, the bluefin have moved in and have really turned on to the offerings that have been dragged around or in front of them recently. Both topwater lures as well as subsurface and vertical jigsare getting piled on with regularity, and the sizes of the fish have varied from 50-200 pounds, with the majority being nice 75-125 pound models, perfect for the gear we employ to have several chances per day, and the fish do not beat up the anglers so badly that they feel as if they were run over by a small car the day after! The weather has been fantastic, and the sunrises still painting the sky with amazing colors, and the whale show isn’t half bad either.

The trip that stands out as the star of the show was just this past Saturday, as 3 of my anglers got treated to the most incredible display of tuna feeding with reckless abandon. The morning started out with the first fish before sunrise, the limit of 2 tuna on the deck by 5:30am, and then a barrage of blow ups, missed hits, and near misses that left incredible holes in the ocean or amazing white-water being thrown from the violent hits by the lurking and angry tuna. Just about everything that hit the water got some attention, and 16 more bluefin we’re hooked and brought boat side before noon, when the anglers cried for mercy and we left the grounds early with tuna still biting.

Angler Mike Leonard getting nasty on a Cape Cod Bluefin

Cape Cod bluefin on the line!

This would be considered the trip of a lifetime for just about anyone that has ever picked up a fishing pole and wet a line. I don’t get impressed all that often, but this day was in my top 5 of all time for pure, raw nature at it’s finest.  We were able to place some archival research tags in many of the releases, a great way to help the scientists who are studying this amazing animal better understand their biology and life cycles.

Bluefin tuna being swum before release

Much is still unknown about the mighty bluefin, so hopefully these fish will be caught again in the future and provide a glimpse into where they roam and how long they live. I have been at it just about everyday this month, the schedule would even make some commercial crabmen weary! August is just about upon us, and with the number of fish around, it should be another spectacular month for anyone fortunate enough to hop onboard!

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