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November 2014

The arrival of November usually signifies the final stanza of our fishing season here in Cape Cod.The days are quick and often cold, with the night times longer which allows for rapid cooling at night, and many times the weather has already turned from pleasant and fall like to downright cold and winter-nasty. This season, however, we were treated to a true New England "Indian Summer" where the mild temperatures and limited winds followed us all the way through October and right into the first three weeks of November. The warmer than average days brought many trips where my anglers were in shirt-sleeves, bright sunshine as the backdrop for lights-out fishing with light tackle for the ocean's baddest fish that swims...the bluefin tuna. 

With trips getting off the dock every day for the first 3 weeks of the season, the incredible fishing was extended longer than it normally would be, providing for one of the most memorable fall runs we have experienced in quite some time. With the fish feeding with reckless abandon, the sizes of these fish was also a bit larger than normal, making for challenging fights and unbelievable sushi from the fish that were harvested. We were able to place archival tags for science purposes in numerous fish and finish up the 2014 season with a respectable catch total on the year despite the slower than average start due to weather. The Dusky took it's last trip on November 19th, catching fish right up to the last hour, leaving them biting for another season to come. After such a challenging season and busy finish, the boat and captain of Coastal Charters Sportfishing need a well deserved rest....see you in the spring!