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September 2014

Cape Cod draws anglers from all over the world to it's shores in hoes of connecting to a bluefin tuna on light tackle. Coastal Charters Sportfishing specializes in jigging and popping methods, and year after after year the crews aboard the Dusky put trophy sized specimens on board on a regular basis. The month started out with a bang, as a group from Singapore tied into a fish of a lifetime after traveling halfway around the world to have their shot. The fish was hooked on a jig in deep water and fought freestyle without a harness, topping the scales at a very respectable 240 pounds. The month continued to heat up, showing signs that the topwater bite may materialize as more and more fish moved into the area while the bait continued to stack up near shore. Each day saw shots on both subsurface as well as up top, yielding many multiple fish days for the intrepid crews. The water continued to warm, and the weather actually improved to giving us one of the nicest stretches of days on the water all year.


Normally around mid month the weather begins to turn again, this time the opposite way as summer yields to fall and October approaches. The days get shorter, and the winds can sometimes be brutal limiting the number of trips that can be safely and successfully run each week. This year the winds decided to settle nicely, and we enjoyed a stretch of fine summer like temps with very little rain coupled with calm seas. This allowed a nice pattern with each trip keeping the Dusky on top of the movements of the main groups of tuna, with a great mix of both topwater and jigged fish, on a nice average size of 100 to 125 plus pounds, with a few larger fish in the mix.