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Starting to heat up!!

The weather has been the big factor through the month of June, seeing only a handful of fishable days prior to last week. The only fish we managed to land in the 5 trips out was one of those "fish of a lifetime" stories, especially with the light tackle we employ aboard my boat. One of my clients cast a RonZ lure out(weighted head with a soft rubber tail) and got connected to an absolute freight train of a bluefin. 3.5 hours later, after the rod made it's way through all the anglers, and the captain, we managed to get the fish into the boat, and back at the dock. After gutting and bleeding, the fish weighed in at a whopping 393 pounds. Figure this fish weighed in at 415-425 pounds or so on the line, one of the largest tuna ever caught freestyle with no plate or harness and a long spinning rod/reel set-up.

What made this catch so spectacular besides the 7,6" rod, Shimano Stella Spinning reel and 100 pound leader, was the fact that 2 of the 3 anglers aboard had never landed a say it is all downhill for these 2 newly addicted tuna nuts is an understatement!

The majority of the month was spent shuffling trips around my future open dates, from all the weather cancellations. This has been the worst June I can remember in  a long time, with more winter-like patterns out of the East and North east, bringing cold temps, heavy winds and swells, as well as lots of fog. However last week, mother nature decided to give us a break and after a week long blow, the systems finally released their easterly flow and we had several days in a row of calm seas and light winds...perfect tuna weather.


The crew of Coastal Charters Sportfishing in the life off Chatham, MA

The life awaiting us on the grounds when we arrived was nothing short of staggering, with more whales and dolphin than I've ever seen gathered in one spot. We knew we were in the right area, and it didn't take long for Chuck to appear within casting range of my crew, and after just  a few casts, we were tight to an angry bluefin on a light spinning set up.

My crew for the day had flown all the way from Denmark, and they were instantly rewarded for their efforts! I consider myself to be very lucky to have this fishery in my backyard and be able to access it from my Dusky outboard powered center console, and that this fishery has gotten the attention of international anglers. It truly is a world class fishery not only for the bluefin tuna that I target, but it has some of the finest bottom fishing for a myriad of tasty species all great fun on light gear, but is also the home of the storied striped bass fishery of the Cape Cod and surrounding areas of New England. My clients were able to hook and land several trophy striped bass on the same grounds, in addition to getting into some serious mayhem with more of the highly sought and often elusive bluefin. The "Viking Power" crew of Jakob and Nikolaj had a blast on day two getting to fight 5 BIG bluefin, 3 of which made it to the boat. One fish broke the rod and snapped the line, and the other fish went running and had another fish get tangled in the line, they were so thick!

2 big bluefin on the decks of Coastal Charters Sportfishing caught by Nikolaj Bielecki and Jakob Lindberg of Denmark

The feeds that my anglers hooked up in were foaming, raging predatory carnage, the stuff anglers dreams are made of....if this style of fishing doesn't get your blood boiling, it may be time to take up golf ! The bite is on, now we just need mother nature to play nice for a while.  Stay tuned for more light tackle bluefin madness, it is shaping up to be one of those nutty seasons!

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